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Good Feet is producing a series of TV commercials and online videos that feature our customers talking about the positive impact our products made on the quality of their lives.

As one of our valued customers, we're offering you the opportunity to be a candidate for a role in one (or more) of the commercials and videos.

No acting experience necessary.
Auditioning is easy.

Complete the Form

Provide basic contact information and a few
details about your Good Feet Story. Want to see examples? Click here.

Record your story

A professional video is unnecessary. Just shoot a short smartphone video of you telling your story.

Upload your recording

Submit your video with the form to the right.
That's all! See FAQs below for common questions.

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What should I say in my video?

Start by saying your name and the city/state you live in. Then tell your story in your own words – what brought you into The Good Feet Store, how Good Feet arch supports have helped improve your life, and anything else you wish to share. It can be as long or short as you’d like.

How to submit your video:

1. Shoot your video on your phone or video camera.
2. Transfer the video to your computer.
3. Click “browse” to find the video.
4. Select and upload it.

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Privacy Statement

These people were featured in earlier Good Feet commercials. If
they can do it, so can you. Click below to see their commercials.

  • "You don’t have to wait…live your life."

  • "It was the first time in years that I felt no pain."

  • "I lost hope and then I saw The Good Feet Store."

  • "Being a dad. I’m always ready."

  • "From now on my feet aren't going to stop me."

  • "My mom took me into Good Feet and now it's way better."

  • "I’m not an actor."

  • "Good Feet helped with all of my great shoes."

  • "Now I can hike from sunrise to sunset, again."

  • "They changed my life."

  • "They changed my life. Drastically."

  • "Where’ve you been all my life?"

  • "I started sobbing…
    I had no pain."

  • "Mis pies ya no duelen."

  • "If I’d known,
    I’d have been better
    off in the first place."

  • "These are my feet. They’re worth it."

  • "Non-stop moms need non-stop feet."

  • "I tried all these other products."

  • "End your search for pain relief."

  • "3 marathons in 72 days.
    What’ve you got?"

  • "Tough guys need tough feet."

  • "Pain relief from plantar fasciitis."

  • "Now I run so fast my shoes untie."


Can I see commercials that other Good Feet customers were in?

Where and when would I need to be available?

What’s the casting process?

Will be audition remain private?

Will I be paid or reimbursed in any way for submission of my audition tape?

If I submit my audition video will I be guaranteed a role in a commercial or video?

If I’m cast for a commercial how will I be notified?

When is the audition submission due?

If I have more questions, whom do I ask?

Thank you for your time!

We hope you’ll submit an audition for a chance to appear in an upcoming TV commercial.
Either way, thank you for being a Good Feet Store customer.